Fraud Prevention

Most types of fraud committed in an organization can be prevented. Are you doing all you can to protect yours?

You can't be everywhere, monitoring all aspects of your business all of the time.

Without a solid system of "checks & balances" in place for you and your financial team members, you may be susceptible to fraud.

An Internal Control Assessment will:

  • Identify and document key business processes
  • Look for and address vulnerabilities
  • Develop simple and practical procedures for owners to monitor
  • Separate roles and responsibilities to protect those responsible for company assets
  • Improve the integrity of your financial reporting systems
  • Provide a report of our findings with recommendations

With an available team of experienced auditors, which includes a certification in financial forensics, you can start today to help protect your organization from fraud.

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Congratulations to you as you celebrate 50 years in business! Certainly not an easy task given the business environment in Connecticut, but hats off to you for making this happen!  You have employed countless professionals in the greater Hartford community over the years and provided services to many more while staying committed and dedicated to your profession.  

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