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Employee Title DID #
Ozal AjmalAssociate(860) 760-7035
Mary-Anne BaldassarreTechnical Specialist(860) 760-7051
Ruth Brown
Technical Specialist(860) 760-7024
Julie E. CastroAdministrative Assistant(860) 760-7049
Caroline A. ConnorsBookkeeper(860) 760-7017
Meaghan E. DalyAssociate(860) 760-7002
Anthony R. DeLucia, CPA Senior Manager (860) 760-7046
Tina M. FaggainiPrincipal, Director of Operations (860) 760-7023
Thomas J. Filomeno, CPA Principal (860) 760-7031
Tracy L. Gibbons, CPA Technical Specialist (860) 760-7011
Giustina P. Lamoureux, CPA Manager (860) 760-7012
Michael G. Maksymiw, CPASenior Manager(860) 760-7029
Christopher R. Nadeau Senior Associate (860) 760-7043
Joseph E. Parent Associate (860) 760-7014
Aishwarya P. PatelAssociate(860) 760-7027
Mark Piatkowski, CPA Principal (860) 760-7036
Kathryn E. SchwartzOffice Services Supervisor(860) 760-7022
Timothy F. Rooney, CPASupervisor(860) 760-7006
Judith E. Saunders, CPAPrincipal(860) 760-7018
April A. SchaeferAdministrative Assistant(860) 760-7000
Patricia E. Small, CPA/PFSDirector(860) 760-7000 


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